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Hawley Real Estate Agent: Jodi Puhalla Neumann

Name: Jodi Puhalla Neumann
Company: First Hawley Properties doing business as
Hometown: I moved to Hawley, MN when I was 5 years old.
Your first job was: Waitress at CJ's Hiway Cafe
Favorite type of music: Classic Rock
Professional training: Bachelor of Social Work, MN Real Estate Licensure
Did you or do you have a real estate mentor? My broker, Dave Brenna. He's been "around the block".
I ignite my real estate sales by: I treat my career as a helping profession rather than a sales profession. I came from a healthcare background in social work. I've got to be me and people respond well to that.
Favorite restaurant in Hawley MN?: Justy's BBQ on Highway 10 in Hawley, MN
When I cook at home I like to… Have someone else do the clean-up.
One thing every homebuyer should keep in mind when searching for a home: Look past the cosmetic details of the home and focus on the location.
Your favorite charity in Hawley MN is and why?: REACH (Rural Enrichment and Counseling Headquarters) located in Hawley. It feels good to give to this charity because of the work that they do for folks in the rural areas between FM and Lakes. Nobody can say that real estate is a boring profession. Like a roller coaster, the highs are very high and the lows can be quite low. Everyday is different and I love it.
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